Alameda County Dental Society Dental Foundation

It is the mission of the Alameda County Dental Society Dental Foundation to improve the dental health of children of Alameda County who would not otherwise have access to dental health care because of family financial limitations and assist the dental health needs of other selected populations of Alameda County who would not otherwise have access to dental health care.

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The Foundation was established in 1999 and is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit affiliate of the Alameda County Dental Society. The Foundation provides support to dental services.  Projects of the Foundation include, Sedation Dentistry project, Ready to Learn Initiative, and Crowns for Kids. Funds raised are used to support grant funding to local clinics to provide sedation dentistry and aid, and promote the general health of the public through education and treatment.

The Alameda County Dental Society Dental Foundation is funded solely through contributions, bequests, fundraising events and grants. For more information on ways to donate to the Foundation, please contact the ACDS office or donate using the Foundation link on this website. 

Sedation Dentistry Project:

The Alameda County Dental Society Dental Health Foundation acknowledges that opportunities exist through partnerships that can serve to further its mission. By partnering with two local clinics and the Alameda County Public Health Department the Foundation has enhanced the quality of life for children that are aligned with the Foundations mission.

The Foundation is funding grants that will assure that the cost of sedation is not a barrier to those children that have serious dental issues.

The grant will not only cover monetary costs but also lessen the strain placed on families who want to provide the best for their children.  Timely treatment will reduce absenteeism from school, help alleviate pain and suffering and contribute to the children’s overall health and well being.


Crowns for Kids Project: powered by Star Refining

Support dental health in your community by donating your discarded crowns. The Crown for Kids project is a scrap crown recycling program and the Foundation is asking that you ask the dental society for a Crown for Kids jar. When you have a few crowns collected (the jar does not need to be full)you contact Star Refining.  Star Refining will determine the value of your crowns and donate the funds to the ACDSDF’s Crowns for Kids program. Contact the dental society office for more information.