Membership Benefits of the ACDS, CDA & ADA Tripartite

The tripartite system mutually supports, promotes unity in the dental profession, facilitates consistency, and encourages a unified voice on issues involving the improvement of the health of the public and the art and science of dentistry.

  • Lifetime Learning -  CDA and ADA recruits internationally-recognized speakers to deliver dynamic continuing educations programs at their yearly Scientific Session.
  • Peer Review - CDA and your local component assist its members in resolving disputes with patients regarding quality and/or appropriateness of dental treatment, utilization, and/or potential irregular billing practices.
  • Publications
    • CDA Journal
    • ADA JADA
    • ADA NEWS
  • Legislative Advocacy
    • CDA at the State Level
    • ADA at the Federal  Level
    • Your component at the Local Level
  • Professional Liability Insurance
    • The Dentist Insurance Company
  • Practice-building resources - CDA and ADA have prepared guidelines for use to assist establishing and maintaining a private practice. Both organizations have a wealth of information regarding practice issues.
  • Well-Being Program - These committees of CDA provide confidential assistance to member of the profession, their spouses and staff members.

Information on Membership

To become a member of the ACDS, CDA and ADA tripartite please contact the California Dental Association at this link: 

CDA Membership

Member Roster

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